Well-intentioned but ill-informed individuals have long propagated a myth that one should never judge a book by its cover—that book covers are, in effect, meaningless.

Balderdash!  A book’s cover is an integral part of the finished work and deserves to be designed with the same care, intention and attention to detail that the author took writing the pages within it.

Of course we here at Helpful Design don’t stop at book covers: we’ve designed everything from album artwork to websites for authors. We’ve created logos for arts organizations and prop packages and signage for feature-length films. We love the arts and creative design work, and are always excited to help out bands, writers, photographers and artists of all types.

Whether it’s by designing a book cover or doing layout for a record, Helpful Design strives to make your work look its best while providing a service that fits your budget. If you have any questions or would like to discuss your newest project, send us a message. And for a examples of past work we’ve done for artists, scroll down a bit further.

Arts projects by Helpful Design

This is just a sample of our work. To see more of our projects, both arts-related and not, visit our Portfolio.