Science can be hard enough to understand as it is—it doesn’t need to look bad, too! Luckily for you, professor, graduate student or esteemed science professional, Helpful Design is glad to provide versatile creative design solutions to not only make you and your research group look good, but also communicate your work and your identity more clearly.

We can create everything from logos to websites, signs, graphics and illustrations. We offer customised templates for posters and presentation slides that will save you time preparing for conferences and talks. We’ll work closely with you throughout the design process and tailor the finished product to your needs.

A little design expertise can go a long way, and at Helpful Design we aim to improve the attractiveness, comprehensibility and distinctiveness of your work at a price that fits even a small budget. The evidence is conclusive: for design in science, Helpful Design is a major discovery.

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The benefits of good design

  • Improves visual appeal, helping your work stand out from the crowd and attract interest.
  • Promotes visual consistency and instantly communicates that the posters, presentations, and other materials your group creates are unmistakably and proudly yours.
  • Enhances the clarity and readability of information through carefully considered organization, visual hierarchy and emphasis.
  • Projects a sense of professionalism and reflects the significance of your work.

Design in Science, in Action


A strong logo is the foundation of any visual identity and communicates the essence of your group or institute in a compact, versatile design.


The best websites are a mix of aesthetic appeal and utility: visual style makes a good first impression, while clarity and user-friendliness helps readers find what they’re looking for.


Why start from scratch with every conference? A well-designed poster or presentation template allows you to create attractive, coherent materials in less time.